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Centre de santé Saint-Boniface: Continually improving

Linh Tran
Communications Coordinator
Centre de santé Saint-Boniface
Government of Manitoba


Since its opening in 1999, Centre de santé Saint-Boniface has provided bilingual services to the French-speaking population of Winnipeg and to the residents of St. Boniface. At Centre de santé – which sets itself apart with its comprehensive approach to wellness – clients have access to physicians, nurse practitioners, primary care nurses, dietitians, mental health counsellors, and an exercise specialist, all located under the same roof.

In 2016, the team spent a great deal of time organizing the move to the new Accès–Access Saint-Boniface, the first fully bilingual health institution in the province of Manitoba. The brand new facility is a centre of excellence in health and social services and offers comprehensive client-centered care in English and French.

After many years of status quo, Centre de santé can now provide improved services and welcome new clients. The Centre partners with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living’s Family Doctor Finder program to ensure that new clients are referred to the Centre. In addition to expanding its client base, Centre de santé continues to implement three priorities: coordination and navigation, delivery, and innovation.

Coordination and navigation

The Accès Santé initiative took a big step forward by securing support for several programs from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA). This initiative improves access to quality primary health care for the French-speaking population of Winnipeg by optimizing health and wellness services currently offered in French and by strengthening existing capacities to deliver health care and wellness in French.

The My Health Team partnership initiative in which Centre de santé is involved focuses on three chronic diseases: diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart failure. My Health Team, a primary health care network, is an interdisciplinary approach that brings together health care providers in the community to provide the best care to community residents and to other clients. Some of the network’s health care providers have established practices in the same clinic, the same health care center, or the community itself. Other providers are located in different places. Whatever setting they work in, providers all work together to plan and deliver primary care services to meet the needs of the community.


Since the beginning, Centre de santé has also acted as a community development facilitator. Through partnerships with many organizations such as BridgeCare, QuickCare Clinic in St. Boniface, QuickCare Clinic in St. Vital, Accueil francophone, Welcome Place, St. Amant, and the Immigrant Centre, Centre de santé has continued to expand its services and has delivered valuable services to the French-speaking population of Winnipeg and to the English- and French-speaking residents of St. Boniface.


Centre de santé continues to play a vital role in training bilingual health professionals. Each year, the Centre welcomes nursing, nurse practitioner and medical students.

Centre de santé Saint-Boniface is the symbol of a collective effort by the community for the community. The Centre is committed to continuing to provide quality primary health care services to the French-speaking population of Winnipeg and to the residents of St. Boniface. Now that it is part of Accès–Access Saint-Boniface, Centre de santé is in an even better position to promote a more interdisciplinary approach and take into consideration all aspects of a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being in order to meet individual and family needs as comprehensively as possible. The Centre can thus help its clients take control of their health and prevent disease.