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This service notifies you as soon as new content is added to the Language Portal of Canada. Subscribe to the RSS feed by copying the feed's URL address and pasting it into the appropriate field in your RSS feed reader.

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Subscribing to the RSS feed

  1. Copy the feed's URL address:
  2. Start up your reader.
  3. Paste the feed's URL address into your reader.
  4. Your RSS feed reader will regularly check our website for updates. Check your reader often to see the RSS feed.

Some browsers already contain integrated support for monitoring and reading RSS feeds. Often, with these browsers, all you have to do to subscribe to the RSS feed is to select the link.

Instead of using your Web browser, you can also download an RSS reader. There are many RSS feed readers available for free or for sale on the Internet.

About RSS feeds

An RSS feed is a text file format that allows users to automatically access news or content published on a website, without having to go there.

Note that RSS feed formats can vary from one website to another. The Language Portal of Canada's feed was set up in conformity with the standards used on the Government of Canada website.

Our RSS feed allows you to:

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